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Easy-Grip Swirl Parachutes

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  • One continuous handle! Easy to grip anywhere!
  • Includes storage bag.

Easy-Grip Swirl Parachutes


Product Name Price Qty
12' Easy-Grip Swirl Parachute

Item PRC12

24' Easy-Grip Swirl Parachute

Item PRC24

30' Easy-Grip Swirl Parachute

Item PRC30


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Made from the same material as our standard-duty parachutes, these parachutes feature a 6-color swirl design and an easy-grip continuous handle. Unlike all other parachutes that can be grasped only where there are handles, this parachute can be easily grasped anywhere!

A strong, durable 1/2" thick cord along the outer edge of the parachute serves as a uni-handle that can be grasped at any point. No longer limited by handles, add or subtract participants as you please. Allows unlimited participants! Includes storage bag. Available in 3 sizes.

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